A company may potentially be exposed to legal liability based in any one or more of the following areas:

Information Security & Data Protection

Securance will assist you in:
1. Understanding what is meant by information security
2. Realising that information security is important
3. Recognising how people are the weakest components in any security system
4. Developing and implementing physical, technological and procedural security measures within your company
5. Fully appreciate how issues of privacy affect information security.
6. Identifying the consequences of security breaches
7. Recognising the importance of everybody playing their part
8. Realising the importance of following information security related policies in the workplace.


Securance will assist you in:
1. interpreting, understanding and eventually implementing the provisions of the cybercrimes’ bill.
2. enable you and your company to understand the legal implications the budapest convention on cyber crime has on your company
3. defining and describing the nature and scope of cybercrime;
4. gaining knowledge of major incidents of cybercrime and their resulting impact;
5. analysing and discussing national and global digital law enforcement efforts;
6. highlighting specific laws and policies governing cybercrime detection and prosecution;
7. identifying and evaluating the specific technology that facilitates cybercrime and digital law enforcement;
8. critically evaluate the impact of cybercrime on your company.

Online Privacy

Securance will assist you in:
1. recognising the need for privacy in your company
2. understanding the core privacy concept
3. providing you with information about online threats, threat prevention and the role of different role players within the organisation play in this regard
4. establishing a best practice for your firm to ensure the proper handling of user data.
5. identifying, interpreting and implementing (wherever necessary) regulations and standards impacting privacy in your company
6. explaining the importance of personally identifiable information and methods for ensuring its protection
7. advising on privacy and security concerns associated with cloud services, and standards that exist to advise on their use

Social Media

Securance will assist you in:
1. gaining an overview of the social media marketing landscape
2. highlighting the legal consequences of social media misconduct
3. empowering you and your company by developing rules around social media in the workplace
4. assisting with dismissal for social media related misconduct
5. discuss the impact of POPI on social media networks
6. explaining an employee’s right to privacy and his/her right to freedom of expression
7. understanding how the GDPR will affect you as a smms in South Africa
8. highlighting best practices in social media in the workplace
9. defining your social media strategy in terms of competitions.

Online (Electronic) Contracts

Securance will assist you in:
1. understanding the meaning, advantages and importance of electronic contracts.
2. identifying and subsequently interpreting international and regional sources of the law governing electronic contracts.
3. recognising the importance and competitive advantages of (digital) electronic signatures
4. considering and advising you on electronic payment methods
5. assisting you in giving due consideration to consumer protection legislation which may be applicable
6. guiding you on the legality of spam
7. advising you on online dispute resolution issues.

Electronic Commerce

Securance will assist you in:
1. understanding the foundations and importance of e-commerce
2. examining laws that govern electronic commerce activities
3. examining laws that govern the use of intellectual property by online businesses
4. discussing ethics issues that arise for companies conducting electronic commerce
5. examining the conflicts between companies’ desire to collect and use data about their customers and the privacy rights of those customers
6. discussing issues concerning the taxes that are levied on electronic commerce activities
7. depicting internet trading relationships including business to consumer, business-to-business, intra-organizational.
8. discussing legal issues and privacy in e-commerce
9. assessing electronic payment systems

Access to Information

Securance will assist you in:
1. explaining the concepts of ‘freedom of information’ and ‘privacy’ (particularly ‘information privacy’ or ‘data protection’).
2. assessing the relationship between the constitutional rights of access to information and privacy and the effect of the constitutional privacy right on the protection of privacy at common law.
3. interpreting the laws (statutory and common law) that protect access to information and privacy.
4. enabling your company’s legal compliance with PAIA
5. understanding the legal implications of POPI, the GDPR and the US Privacy Shield in relation to access to information
6. enabling employers to make an informed decision regarding a request for access to information.

Electronic Communications

Securance will assist you in:
1. informing you and your employees on access to and use of the company’s information network, systems and assets
2. assisting companies in creating rules for the access to and use of the company’s communication facilities and equipment;
3. providing legal guidance for the interception of communications;
4. stipulating grounds for disciplinary action against users who fail to comply with e-commerce policies
5. gaining assurance that the value and integrity of your company’s equipment and network(s) are maintained.
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