DEEPFAKES – Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear We live in a time where people want to believe the fakest of news. So the technology does not have to be perfect to be effective. Just the fact that fake news exists allows people to cry out “Fake News!” So […]

POPI is here – Are you ready?

POPI is here – Are you ready? Whenever a patient sees a doctor or a specialist or submits a claim, they are required to hand over sensitive personal information. At this stage in South Africa, even without your knowledge, the information you generate is being processed by entities that you may have never interacted with. […]

Manuel vs Malema and the legal consequences of Fake News

Manuel vs Malema and the legal consequences of Fake News originally posted in Defamation, Fake news, Freedom of expression, Media law, Musings on Media on June 3, 2019 by Dario Milo This blog has been reposted with the express consent of Mr Dario Milo.  The recent judgment of the High Court in Malema v Economic Freedom Fighters – available here is a very significant judgment in our defamation […]


Let’s talk about Scambaiting Okay, so chances are if you found this blog you already have some very solid experience traversing the internet landscape. So you’ve probably come across some personalities who have had immense success creating some great content on this topic. People such as James Veitch’s TED talks on YouTube or KITBOGA on […]