Let’s talk about Scambaiting

Okay, so chances are if you found this blog you already have some very solid experience traversing the internet landscape. So you’ve probably come across some personalities who have had immense success creating some great content on this topic. People such as James Veitch’s TED talks on YouTube or KITBOGA on Twitch have accrued millions of views, and have propelled the hobby of scambaiting more towards the mainstream.

To put it simply, scambaiting is a type of vigilantism directed towards internet scam artists. Although there is potential to do them harm, especially if you’re a talented hacker, most scambaiters follow the philosophy of wasting as much of a scammer’s time as possible; because logically, if a scammer is spending his time trying to get something out of you, not knowing that you are just stringing him along, there will be less time in his day to steal money from other, more trusting, less sceptical individuals.

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